With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: A Boy and A Frog

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Boy and A Frog

What is the fascination boys have with frogs
After supper we went to Strawbridge Lake to enjoy the lovely evening
and search for frogs.
Well, Jared and Pop-Pop searched for frogs...

I wandered about snapping pictures of the
abundant and varied plants growing along the bank.


Miss Jen said...

What sweet musings!!!
Adorable frogs... yes
reminds me of that poem~

“What are little boys, made of? Frogs and snails, And puppy dog tails, That's what little boys, are made of”

Lots of Love~ Jen

Mildred said...

That looks like a lovely place to enjoy the evening. Your collage is so pretty and nice to see Jared and Pop Pop.

Pilland said...

Your report is very interesting indeed.
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You'll find a rich collection of photos of political borders from all the world.
Best wishes!

Tara said...

Love the pics. Bet Jared and Pop-Pop had a great time. That is what all the nieces and nephews call my dad (pop-pop) and one of my nephews is named Jared. Hmmm...got something else in common!
Hugs from Texas. Have a blessed weekend.

Nadine said...

I don't understand the lure of frogs, but boys do love them.

Great pictures. I love the flowers.

Karen said...

Beautiful collage. Looks like PopPop and Jared had a blast. I don't know about the frog! Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Such a lucky boy to be able to spend so much time with his Grandpa. That's a memory maker.

Joy said...

Great family time--making memories. The photo of your husband and grandson looks good.


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