With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Butterfly Wishes

Monday, August 3, 2009

Butterfly Wishes

Butterfly Wishes

Yesterday a butterfly
Came floating gently through the sky.He soared up through the atmosphereThen drifted close enough to hear.

I said, "I'd love to fly with youAnd sail around the way you do. It looks like it would be such fun To fly up toward the summer sun.
But I have not your graceful charm.
I haven't wings, just these two arms.I've been designed to walk around.My human feet must touch the ground.

Then magically he spoke to meand told me what his wish would be.
He said, "What I'd love most to do
Is walk upon God's Earth with you,
To squish it's mud between my toes

Or touch my finger to my nose.
I'd love just once to walk around

With human feet to touch the ground,
But I have not two legs that swing,
I haven't arms, just these two wings."
And so we went our separate ways
In wonder and surprise.For we'd both seen God's precious gifts
Through someone else's eyes.

Author Unknown

(see... like I said, if you grow it they will come!)

Thank you, Joy (Good Morning Mary Sunshine) for identifying this butterfly as a Red Spotted Purple ~ limentis arthemis astyanxy. So kind of you to look this up for me!


Mildred said...

Beautiful photos of the butterfly - looks like he was very cooperative!

Lady Farmer said...

I'm not sure of the type of butterfly, but what beautiful photography!
Thanks for sharing!

So blessed! said...

Beautiful! Love the poem.
I have several butterfly bushes around my home and they have been abundant this summer. I just love watching them.
Have a blessed dya!
Hugs from Texas

crochet lady said...

Those are some lovely pics of one of God's most beautiful creatures.

Thanks for giving me some info on the Hibiscus! I didn't know their was a kind that could be grown hardy in zone 4. I will have to take a look at that and think about ordering one.

Joy said...

Oh! I grabbed my National Audubon Society Pocket Guide---Familiar Butterflies of North America.... It shows your butterfly--EXACTLY 'Red Spotted Purple' Limenitis arthemis astyanx is the Latin name. It's beautiful!

Abounding Treasures said...

What gorgeous photos of one of God's amazing creatures!


Hi. I love your blog. I am now following you. Hope you will follow me back. Thank you. Have a bless day :)


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