With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Additional Hibiscus Info

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Additional Hibiscus Info

Addendum to my last post: I should have mentioned how care-free and easy it is to grow hardy (perennial) hibiscus. (This is not a Tropical Hibiscus that would not survive the winters here) Hardy Hibiscus can be grown in zones 4 - 9 (-20 degrees F). I live in zone 6b. This plant simply comes back year after year with little attention. In the winter it dies back to the ground and I remove the dead branches. It emerges late in the spring just when you think you have lost it. Year after year of spectacular blooms! Click here for more information on growing.

I purchased this white hibiscus last summer from Lowe's. I had to enclose it with chicken wire because little bunnies had eaten a few stalks!
Pink hibiscus has slightly smaller flowers than the red one.
Giant Blossom!

Blooming in the median strip along a local interstate highway.


Janice said...

Wow, they are gorgeous. I don't think they are going to grow in Scotland though lol!

crochet lady said...

Those are such beautiful plants. I have wanted to get one, but in my region of the country, I would have to bring it inside for the winter, which wouldn't be bad I guess. I like to have indoor plants. I bring my geraniums in for the winter and place them in my sunny south bay window and have blooms all winter. I wonder if the hibiscus would bloom during the winter inside?

Nancy said...

Love these hibiscus... I had a beautiful white one last summer but it didn't come back. Any suggestions?

LDH said...

Nancy: Perhaps you had a tropical hibiscus. The Perennial hibiscus is hardy in Zones 4 - 9 (-20 degrees F). My zone is 6b. Here is a link to Spring Hill Nursery with more information:



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