With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: The Saddest Little Face

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Saddest Little Face

Abbey says his name should be Shadow because he follows me wherever I go. He could be lying so cozy, sound asleep, but the moment I leave the room, he's right behind. Sad, because I'm seldom in one place for very long. If I run into the house or round the corner out of sight I hear a little yipe the builds into a complaining bark for my return. This picture was taken when I told him he had to stay on the porch while I was busy in the yard.
Could he look any sadder?


By Charles Ghigna

Dogs jump fences

Dogs give chase

Dogs lick neighbors

In the face BUT…

Dogs are gentle

Dogs delight

Dogs are loving

Dog are bright


Dogs chew flowers

Dogs dig holes

Dogs knock over

Doggy bowls BUT…

Dogs do dog shows

Dogs do tricks

Dogs catch Frisbees

Dogs fetch sticks


Dogs like bushes

Dogs like trees

Dogs like sharing

All their flees BUT…

Dogs can sit up

Dogs can stand

Dogs can even

Shake your hand


Dogs are noisy

Dogs forget

Dogs are friendly

When their wet BUT…

Dogs are loyal

Dogs defend

Dogs are often

Your best Friend!


C and C said...

That reminds me of a little poem that I read to the kids sometimes:

My little dog is dear to me
He has no faults that I can see
He is the finest dog I know
And I quite often tell him so

Lynns Lovelies said...

Awww, what a sweet, little face! We had a mini-Schnauzer when I was a child...Buffy. She was the sweetest dog, loved to be loved.
Dogs just melt your heart, don't they?
Have a marvelous Monday and thanks so much for stopping by my new shoppe!♥

So blessed! said...

Awww. don't you just love your Schnauzer. Had my Fritzy groomed today. He looks so handsome. He is mad at me right now though, cuz he doesn't like to go to the groomers! LOL....
I have been having trouble commenting on your posts lately. Still keeping up with you though.
Hugs from Texas!

debbie said...

I have seen that pitiful look when my Sammy boy has to stay on the porch...they think they should go every where with us, don't they
my sammey loves to go to the groomer but my parents 2 schaunzers have to be tricked to get their leash on or out the doggie door they go and you have to chase them all over the yard...they hate the groomer with a passion
nice to visit with you this evening
angel hugs


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