With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Frustrating Blogger Issues

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Frustrating Blogger Issues

After trying for weeks, un-installing and reinstalling programs, I reluctantly sent an SOS to my already over-worked, computer genius, kind, son-in-law for help in diagnosing some frustrating computer glitches. He spent several hours on one issue in particular... an 'Operation Aborted' error message I received when trying to load my own blog as well as some of your blogs from Internet Explorer. At this point, my only solution was to use Mozilla Foxfire instead in Internet Explorer. I am not having any problems now but hope Blogger will resolve this issue.

I have heard from a couple of you, that you are having trouble logging on to my blog or leaving comments. One friend had success by logging on in a different link. I sent her an email that included my blogger address and she was able to get on through that. I think she was then able to leave comments.

Here is a link to Bloggers site KNOWN ISSUES FOR BLOGGERS.
Are any of you having problems with your blog?
hmmm... silly question... you might not be able to tell me!

On The Lighter Side...


Lady Farmer said...

That first picture could be of me! I have been having so much trouble with my computer, too! Seeing you talk about it, and a few others, I realize now, it is Blogger (or Internet Explorer) with the problem, not me! Hopefully, they will get the problem fixed quickly ~ I was thinking of switching to Wordpress or Typepad if things don't get better.
I wonder if they are having trouble, also?
Anyway, I love the cartoons, they are too cute!
Thanks for sharing them.

Deb said...

I'm having the same problem...so I googled it and found that it has something to do with our "followers" list! I think it's being worked on...but is' SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!
Love you cartoons, too...I think I might "borrow" one to use on my own blog!!!
Thanks bunches!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the cartoons! Very funny. I've heard of other bloggers having problems logging on to some blogs but haven't really had an issue. Thankfully!! Hope your problem is solved!

C and C said...

I love those cartoons. They are so funny! I don't have any problems with your blog. One time I wasn't able to make a comment but it is fine now. I use Mozilla though so maybe that is why?


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