With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Finished Projects Part 1 ~ The Hallway

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finished Projects Part 1 ~ The Hallway

My trend for the past few years has been toward neutrals and a less busy look in my home. It feels more spacious, relaxing and calming to me.
It had been painted with light green stripes above the chair rail but I re-painted with light tan paint left over from a previous project. I wasn't sure I liked the wall color as it seemed to have too much yellow in it. As soon as I painted the ceiling, the area brightened and the wall color became more subtle and pleasing.
Years ago, we added the wood trim on the bottom of the walls and painted with a bright white semi-gloss. It has held up well and is easy to wipe away smudges made by little and not-so-little hands.
The Venetian mirror in the middle of the hall was found at a garage sale long ago. I purchased two old mirrors that had broken and missing pieces but was able to construct one decent mirror from the various shaped parts. It is not only useful, but also adds sparkle and reflects the available light keeping the area bright.
For understated interest at the end of the hallway, I painted branches with blossoms and birds in a very light tan. It doesn't jump out at you but catches your attention as you pass by.
The wall grouping on the left is what is seen as you climb the steps. I have been waiting for the right place to hang the heavy iron piece with the urn of fruit, birds and flourishes because it required a molly bolt. (unlike my husband, I like to hang things on my walls with straight pins or the thinnest nails possible, but I had to concur on the molly bolt here.)
A dried hydrangea in a glass bottle and a very special little frame, with the word "faith" hand-stitched by a sweet blogging friend is just the perfect accents on the small shelf.


Mildred said...

What a simple and beautiful hallway. It has just enough to make it look pretty and bright. Your mirror is exquisite.

Karen said...

Beautiful! The individual touches make it really special.

So blessed! said...

Oh wow. Love that! I feel calmer already. Very pretty and comforting.
Have a blessed 4th.

crochet lady said...

Neutrals are soothing. I really like your painted bird in tan.

Miss Jen said...

Lovely.... :)


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