With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: A Sweet Summer Evening

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Sweet Summer Evening

80 degrees and low humidity... a perfect evening to enjoy a casual dinner on the patio. Our neighbor sent over delicious roast beef left over from her daughters graduation party last night and I added slices of watermelon and a home made Strawberry Rhubarb pie. A peaceful time to chat and enjoy one another.

Of all the pies and cakes I have made, this is my first Strawberry Rhubarb pie. The crust was good and rolled out very nicely but the pie filling was missing that wow factor. Definitely not worth all of those calories.
Do you have a favorite recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Pie?


Karen said...

We never had rhubarb growing up in GA, but I think your dinner on the patio looks delicious. Have a blessed week!

Linda C said...

Here in Wisconsin we are enjoying a lovely summer evening also-- the humidity and temp is so nice today- what a blessing:)

And your patio dinner looks delish!! And so nice to enjoy it together!!

Happy June- it's almost gone~

Linda C

Mildred said...

I recently read a blog about rhubarb - if I figure out where it was, I'll pass it along!!!
Your dinner look very delicious and what fun.

Janice said...

I have thought about making strawberry & rhubarb pie, but can never bring myself to 'cook' strawberries.

crochet lady said...

The pie sure looks good. I have never made strawberry rhubarb pie. I guess I'm with Janice on not cooking strawberries. I perfer to eat them fresh.

I do use rhubarb to make an old fashioned rhubarb upside down cake that was my grandmother's recipe. My boys and I enjoy it, my hubby not so much.

marie said...

Roast beef and watermelon ~ that sure looks yummy! I could eat watermelon all day long!

I've never tried Strawberry Rhubarb pie ~ it sure looks good!


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