With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Backyard Wrestling

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Backyard Wrestling

Innocent enough looking picnic table... BUT... let me tell you what this baby put me through last night... Lovely evening, gentle breezes, husband working late... just me. The perfect time to paint the picnic table. A tedious job getting between those boards but I am patiently moving along as I enjoy the sights and sounds of a summer evening.
hmmm... It would be easier to paint the underside if I just leaned it on its side... I know it's heavy but I can do this... There, leaning on the the seat edge... one more tilt and I'll have it where I want it...
THEN...this seemingly innocuous monster comes alive: With all of my strength I try to balance what now seems like a redwood tree as it lurches toward the steps. Great! I can use the brick steps to rest it on! Oh, No! This Paul Bunyan of boards knocks over the can of paint pouring the contents onto the patio floor. I can't see the can, of course, but just a glimpse of a huge puddle now pooling on the floor.
With all of my might I try to brace the table and "somehow" get my foot under the top edge. In some bizarre dance I can not free both of my feet. To free one foot leaves the table sitting on the other. I *seriously* think I am going to break the toes in both of my feet. I have no idea how but I manage to get the table off of my feet and as gently as possible, drop it face down on the patio floor. I stand dazed, wondering, "What just happened?"
I ran into the house to grab a pan and spatula to scoop up as much paint as I could and then I hosed and scrubbed and hosed and scrubbed some more. The stain is actually worse than it appears in the photo.
When my husband came home and saw the oval paint can he suspected something went awry. He said the table weights over two hundred pounds and thought the center of gravity changed when I put it on its side.
Putting last nights nightmare aside, I finished painting the table today. I was more than happy to crawl under the table to paint the underside.
I was especially appreciative of my toes!


Mildred said...

Oh I can imagine how that hurt. I too can get into a real pickle sometimes with my projects! I hope you and the family get a chance to use that freshly painted table over the 4th!

Miss Jen said...

Oh no.... I am SO sorry!
The table is beautiful!!

Blessings~ Jen

So blessed! said...

Goodness! Well for all the troubles you went through...it sure looks awfully lovely on your back porch all nice and white. I guess if worse comes to worse u could throw a nice outdoor rug over the spilled paint???

Lady Farmer said...

I have often gotten myself into a pickle myself when I try to do something alone! But now you have an enjoyable tale to tell to go along with the nice white table. I wonder if there is something that will take the paint off the patio floor or perhaps this is a reason to try another project and "paint" the floor as well!
I happen to have eveidence of all my painting fiasco's at almost all of the places I have painted. My kitchen floor and countertop comes to mind! :~P

Janice said...

That sounds like just the sort of thing I would do. I once moved a step ladder with an open can of paint on top and, yes, it fell to the ground all over the carpet!!! It was water based paint so most of it came out but I'll never did that again. Hope your toes are not too bruised.

crochet lady said...

Oh dear, reminds me of my favorite clip in Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special. Snoppy sets up tables and chairs outside for Thanksgiving dinner and has a very hard time with one particular chair.

palepinkandroses said...

Well, I'm glad your okay! That situation could have turned ugly. The table came out beautifully and the concrete, well over time it will wear off or will remain there to taunt you. :) Enjoy your patio, it's amazing.



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