With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Coopers Hawk and Other Backyard Birds

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coopers Hawk and Other Backyard Birds

What a surprise to find this feathered fellow perched on the edge of our picnic table on the patio just outside the back door. I think it is an immature Cooper's Hawk. The bird remained for a long time until it made a swooping dash under a nearby bush as a group of starlings gathered and began diving at it. I was fearful that it was injured and hoped it would survive.

My husband was excited to observe this bird so closely as he loves birds of prey ~ his favorite being the Red-tailed Hawk.

From Wikipedia: Cooper's Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) is a medium-sized hawk native to the North American continent and found from Canada to Mexico. As in many birds of prey, the male is smaller than the female. The Birds found east of the Mississippi River tend to be larger on average than the birds found to the west.

You can read more about the Cooper's Hawk here.


I guess he wasn't injured... two days after I began this post draft, the hawk returned to the edge of the picnic table, about two feet from the back French doors. I noticed because my dog was barking frantically at him on the other side of the glass. The hawk swiveled his head and looked directly at the dog totally unruffled.

(Maybe he is pointing out the patio post that is in need of repair... or the bench that is in need of pressure washing... or the debris that is in need of being removed... or the items on the picnic table that are in need of being spray painted...)
Along with the usual Robin's, Blue Jays, Purple Finches, Doves, Mockingbirds and Starlings are my favorite birds. This petite female hummingbird returned the day after I set out the feeders.

Other feeder visitors include the Gold Finch which is the New Jersey State bird (as well as many other states). I didn't get a picture of them yet this year, so I am sharing one from last year.


hip chick said...

That is fantastic. What a great shot...your glass is really clean!! It must have been so interesting to be up so close! Perhaps he is interested in some of the smaller birds or squirrels or chipmunks that are attracted to the seed.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love the yellow birds you have at the feeder! They're so beautiful. The pictures of the hawk are amazing!! My hubby would love to see these. I'd be a little freaked by the hawk living on my picnic table, but can see the beauty in him!!! Great shots!

crochet lady said...

Wow, it is strange that the hawk was so close. Fabulous pictures. I like birds of prey too. We have a dead tree on our hill that I won't let anyone cut down because the bigger birds of prey like to roost in it. One of my favorite birds of prey is a Kestral.

Love song birds too and the little hummer, thanks for sharing the bird pictures.

Lady Farmer said...

Aren't birds such fantastic creatures? I love watching their antics and listening to their songs ~ they can be absolutely mesmerizing!
Having a hawk so close was, I'm sure, so exciting ~ like when I went to feed our chickens and discovered a Bald Eagle feasting on my favorite hen right in the chicken yard!
Well, I guess he has to eat, too. Just wish he would have found something a little more wild. He must have wanted chicken for dinner that day!

Debbi said...

Amazing pictures! And I will bet there were no other birds anywhere in site! Those hawks prey on the smaller birds unfortunately :( I have the sharp shinned hawks visit my backyard a couple times a year. They are incredible to observe!

Miss Jen said...

How wonderful! ;)
Those birds are simply AMAZING!!!
That red tail hock is magnificent!
It is indeed amazing how the Lord
created each living thing... so unique
and special!

Love & Blessings~ Miss Jen

Janice said...

Fab pics of the hawk! love the little birds too, so colourful.

ivoryspring said...

Thank you for visiting me. It's lovely to hear from you!

I love the bird-watching pictures, especially the ones of the hawk!


Maggie Ann said...

That must have been very exciting to be able to see and observe the hawk up close. I would have loved it too.


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