With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: A Boy and His Guitar

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Boy and His Guitar

The J-man has been taking lessons for several months now and wanted to bring his guitar to our house this weekend... so he could practice.
Just looking at these pictures of him as I write this post, I am taken back at how much older he is looking. Why, he didn't look this old just last month... how can he already be going on twelve years old??? Our love for this young man goes way beyond words!
O, Lord, please ...
Keep him as the apple of your eye; hide him in the shadow of your wings
Psalm 17:8


Mildred said...

A handsome young man and what a blessing! I played piano growing up and enjoyed helping out at church and in jr. college. I hope music will open many doors and make lasting friendships and memories for him.

Lady Farmer said...

Don't you just wish they could stay little longer? They grow up sooo fast. How nice that he can come to grandma's for the weekend, though. And he is bringing the entertainment! :~}

Karen said...

Keep on speaking those blessings over him. There is nothing like a praying Grandma!

Janice said...

Oh boy, I have two son's who play guitar and their dad too. My youngest is now very accomplished and plays in several bands, he also plays drums, flute, clarinet and saxophone. Music is such a wonderful gift for our children, but I must say I don't miss the noise now they have moved out! lol

blackberrycottage said...

Good Morning,Thanks for stopping by the other day. It's good to be back blogging again.
These pictures take me back to when my older sons lived at home and played the guitar. One son went on to be in bands. We had drums, bass guitars, amplifiers, you name it - the house was always noisy and alive with sound!
Treasure it for it is soon gone!
hugs Sandra nz


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