With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Show and Tell Friday

Friday, January 16, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

This is a sweet little ring I received from an aunt when I was a child. I'm guessing I was about 10 years old when she gave it to me. Perhaps she received it for a birthday as she was born in February. I loved the ring and wore it many years. I recently took it to a jeweler to inquire about having it repaired. I have no recollection as to how or when the band broke rendering it in this rather sad condition. The ring has little more than sentimental value as the stones are not genuine, but it has great value to me and I hope one day to return it to it's original condition and begin wearing it again.

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Walking on Sunshine... said...

Some of my most precious possessions are things that have no monetary value but are sentimental! I have a few of my father's sermon books and now that he's gone, they mean the world to me!! Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend is great!

Deb said...

Sometimes gift of the heart are worth way more than costly gifts! I love your ring. Purple is one of my favorite colors

Belinda said...

Sentimental value is what counts with special gifts like this one...and its beautiful. I hope you can get it repaired and continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

ceekay said...

Very sweet ring and I hope you get it repaired soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Jen said...

What a pretty ring and how special that your aunt gave it to you!
I love the tea pot as well!! ;)

Miss Jen

Kelli said...

Welcome to show and tell Friday! Your ring is beautiful and what a special treasure!

Linda C said...

This is a beautiful ring and so special because of your memories. Makes it a treasure:)

Linda C

LDH said...

Dear Walking on Sunshine, Deb, Belinda, Ceekay, Miss Jen, Kelli and Linda C,

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments. It was fun participating in Show and Tell Friday!

Kindly, ldh

Lady Katherine said...

The ring is a wonderful treasure. Love the tea pot.


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