With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Work In Progress

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Work In Progress

Taking on way too many projects in too short a time seems to be my annual pattern. I find it so hard to think about Christmas and gifts for those I love early in the year. Each season is so filled with it's own special activities. How does one even think about knitting a warm cozy hat or scarf in 90 degree-90% humidity??? Here are some of the items I need to finish-up this week.

I also have three Christmas Stockings to make. This however, requires sewing. My sewing machine and I don't have a good relationship. If genetics played a part, I should be an accomplished seamstress. As a child, I was lulled to sleep each night to the sound of a power sewing machine as my mom turned out the most elaborate dresses, draperies, slipcovers and Halloween costumes. I have a childhood memory of my teacher taking me class to class to show off one of the dresses I was wearing. Ah, but my mom enjoyed cooking and baking as much as I enjoy sewing. I find it’s much more fun spending time producing yummy dishes that satisfy the body and soul and that fills the air with pleasing aromas.

That must be why I have put off this project to the very end. (Sad to say, I haven’t begun my holiday baking)
This little guy is waiting for a permanent orange felt beak. I planned on making a flock of these, but perhaps that will have to wait until spring.

An Amigurumi Matryoshka doll ~ now if that isn't a mouthful. A Russian doll created in a Japanese style. This little girl is waiting for her two big sisters.
This was made from a kit purchased from Amy Gaines on Etsy.Very handsome Newsboys hats for guess who?
(These hats are a variation of a pattern purchased from thnkdfrent at Etsy)
Little girl hat & scarf sets
The green, blue & white striped Cloche with white flower is an adaptation of a pattern from LullabyLamb at Etsy. The matching scarf is my pattern. The cloche in tan, rust and brown is the same pattern as well. This knitted scarflette needs four buttons that I have been unable to find. A shawl pin I saw on Etsy would be perfect! Packaging continues
These German folded Paper Stars will become a mobile for Jared. I've been folding Stars since November. I just love making these and I LOVE the way they look. It took me a long time to finally nail the process, but it was worth it. They are made by folding strips of paper into a 16-pointed star. Then they are dipped into melted paraffin and then sprinkled with fine glitter. I came across these stars while researching our German family genealogyThese beauties are to become a colorful mobile for Keri Jill's bedroom

Hurry, hurry... this is for my Aunt Stella. I have already completed one for Lillian


Anonymous said...

your blog is beeeautiful~

Anonymous said...

that was me mom, jamie.

C and C said...

I love those hats! I am going to order a pattern and make some. I love to see nice crochet patterns as I can't knit but love to crochet. Where did you get the paper star pattern. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished mobile.

LDH said...

I purchased a tutorial from a lady in Finland. Here's the link:


When you're visiting your parents, stop in and I'll show you how to make them. I can also teach you to knit... it wouldn't take long at all to get you going. Abbey picked it up right away.

I finished Jared's mobile ~ stringing it was the most complicated. I'll post a pic.

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

C and C said...

Thanks for the link!
I actually do know "how" to knit I just am so much better and faster at crocheting as I haven't practiced knitting enough. I would rather just stick to what I know. :)Maybe someday.

Maggie Ann said...

I love your German folded stars...we had one like that given to us years ago. I would like to find the how-to and give it a try. But...I've so much on my plate now..


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