With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: New York Grandbabies

Monday, December 15, 2008

New York Grandbabies

This weekend was spent enjoying our New York grandchildren. We met Jill and Brad in Clark Summit on Thursday evening where we loaded our backseat with three little cuties and then headed back home. Among other things, we visited cousins, looked at the decorations at G-Boys, watched the Muppet’s Christmas Carol while munching popcorn and walked through the Living Nativity at our church. The scene where ‘Jesus Calms the Storm’ was a favorite as were the cookies and hot chocolate afterward.

Much time was spent watching the train circling the little village under our Christmas tree.

Sunday, after church, we made the trip back to Clarks Summit where the children were transferred back to their Daddy’s van and continued their trip back to NY. We turned around and headed back home tired but very happy for the opportunity to spend time with these delightful children.
Shaela Jamie Ryan loving the train where they spent much time
Keri and cousin Brenna
G-Boy's visit (Aunt Abbey thinks this is Shaela's smile for when she becomes President)
A cozy time by the fireplace with Pop-Pop reading a story
Brenna watching the German Carousel

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Phyllis Wallin said...

They are beautiful children. How blessed we are to enjoy the children and grandchildren God gives. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. You are so creative, as always.

Your friend,


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